> Second Chance Dobes Adoption Application

In order to be considered for an adoption you MUST:

  • Be 18 years of age and have a valid source of identification with current address.
  • Have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household to adopt the pet you are applying for.
  • Have your landlord's name, telephone number and proof of pet ownership approval from your landlord.
  • Be able to check your e-mail frequently if you supply us with an e-mail address so that we can maintain prompt communication with you.
  • NOT have any children under the age of 10 if applying for a male Doberman, or under the age of 5 if applying for a female, within your household.
  • Be willing and able to visit Second Chance Dobes to meet with all the dogs in our program to find the best match for your family and situation.
  • You must be ready to bring your new family member home, we only process applications for homes ready to adopt.
  • Submit a required tax deductible, CASH OR MONEY ORDER donation of a minimum of $275 for adult dogs or $400 for dogs under a year old at the time of adoption to cover any vet and care costs accrued while your new pet was with Second Chance Dobes. PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
  • BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS APPLICATION, please review our adoption process by CLICKING HERE.
  • Submit a non-refundable $10.00 (US) application processing fee.
  • Please be sure you are located within our adoption range prior to filling out this application (all of Michigan and limited areas of Canada, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana)

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting an unwanted Dobe! If you have any questions regarding rescue and if it's the right choice for you and your family, please visit our message board by clicking here . Our wonderful staff members and adopters can help you decide if the choice is right for you.

All information in red is required information and MUST be filled out prior to submitting your application. If it is not filled out, your answers will be deleted after clicking the submit button! If you own your home, enter NONE for landlord name and phone number or your answers will be deleted when you click the submit button!

Please take note of our adoption area before filling out this application. Our adoption range includes all of Michigan and limited areas of Canada, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. If you are located closer to another doberman rescue, please apply with that rescue before filling out an application with Second Chance Dobes. You can find the nearest doberman rescue to you by using Petfinder.com or by visiting www.DPCA.org.

I am aware of the $10.00 (US) non-refundable application processing fee and will send my payment via:
PayPal United States Postal Service

(You will be prompted with a pay by PayPal link and mailing instructions once your application has been submitted)
*Please note that your application will not be processed until your application fee has been received. Application processing fees are expected to be paid within ten (10) days of submitting your application. If it is not received, your application will be discarded.

I have read and fully understand the requirements of applying for adoption through Second Chance Dobes as well as the Adoption Process: Yes No (CLICK HERE to view our adoption requirements and adoption process page.)

I verify that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age with a valid drivers license: Yes No

Personal Information:

Your Occupation:
How long have you been at your current job?:
Spouse's Occupation:
How long has your spouse been at his/her current job?:
Your Address:
City: , State: Zip Code:
How long have you been at your current residence?:
Do you expect to move?: Yes No | Explanation:
Home Phone (ex: 123-456-7890): | Work Phone (ex:123-456-7890):
When is the best time to call you?:
(Please check your E-mail frequently for notes from us about your application)

Personal & Veterinary References (please list all non-relatives ONLY):
Personal Reference #1:
Personal Reference #1 Phone (ex: 123-456-7890):
Personal Reference #2:
Personal Reference #2 Phone (ex: 123-456-7890):
Personal Reference #3:
Personal Reference #3 Phone (ex: 123-456-7890):
Veterinarian where your pet(s) records are:
(PLEASE! contact your vet to have them release your records to Second Chance Dobes. Many vets will not give out information without the client's permission. )
Veterinarian Phone Number (ex: 123-456-7890):

Animal Applying For:

Name of the dog you are applying for (if none specifically, enter ANY):

(Please be aware that you must NOT have any children under the age of 10 if applying for a male Doberman, or under the age of 5 if applying for a female, within your household--NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Why are you interested in adopting this particular dog?:

Should this dog be adopted by another family by the time your application has been completed, are you open to suggestions of another dog who may be a possible fit?: Yes

How soon do you plan on taking your new family member home?
Within a month
Within a few months

Are you interested in adopting a Senior Doberman?: Yes No Does Not Matter

Why have you chosen to adopt a Doberman Pinscher?:

Please tell us about your experience with Dobermans:

Household Information and Care of Pet(s):

It is our goal to place as many healthy, temperamentally sound animals in homes where they will receive excellent, stable, LIFELONG care. Please read and answer the following:
Do you live in a: House Apartment Condo Mobile Home Living with Parents or Other Relative/Friend
Is your home: Owned Rented
If you rent, you MUST supply your Landlord's information below (Enter NONE if you own your home or your answers will be deleted when you submit your application!):
Landlord's Name:
Enter NONE if you own your home or your answers will be deleted when you submit your application!
Landlord's Phone Number (ex: 123-456-7890):
Enter NONE if you own your home or your answers will be deleted when you submit your application!
Have you received permission from your Landlord or Condo Association to adopt a Doberman? Yes No Not Applicable
Have you discussed your intention to adopt a Doberman with all household members?: Yes No
Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?: Yes No
Please explanation the nature of these allergies:
Is the dog you would like to adopt intended to be a gift for someone?: Yes No
Please provide the following household Information:

Number of children: Children's ages: | Number of adults:
If there are adults in your household other than yourself, please tell us who they are, their relationship to you and how much contact and/or responsibility they will have with your new dog:
Will children be visiting frequently?: Yes No | Explanation:
Have you or anyone living with you ever been convicted of a crime? Yes No
If you answered yes to the above question, please explain the nature of the conviction. If no, please skip to the next question.
Have you ever given away, sold or surrendered a pet?: Yes No
Which member(s) of the family will be responsible for caring for your new pet?
How long have you been looking for a new pet?
Have you applied with any other rescue(s) to be considered for adoption? Yes No
If yes, which rescue(s) have you applied with?
Were you approved or denied a chance to adopt through the other rescue(s)? Please explain:
Do you believe in heartworm prevention for your dog(s)? Please explain:
What type of heartworm preventative do you use (if any)?
Do you believe in vaccinating your dog(s)? Please explain:
What does your vet recommend for a vaccination schedule for your dog(s)?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Height and type of fence, if applicable:
If you do not have a fence, how will you let the dog out safely to relieve itself?
How do you plan to exercise your new pet?
Will your new dog ever be let off leash to run free?: Yes No
Where will you keep your dog when left alone?
Where will your dog sleep at night?
Number of hours daily animal will be left alone ?
If approved for adoption, will your new pet primarily be kept indoors or outdoors?
It may take your dog two weeks to adjust to its new home. What concerns do you have about this adjustment period? How do you plan to handle any seperation anxiety that may occur and/or destructive behavior should your new pet have these tendancies during the adjustment period?
Do you plan on crating your dog?: Yes No | Explanation:
What problems would cause you to return a dog?
It is possible that your new pet may need work on potty training and/or obedience. Are you willing and able, both physically and financially, to help in training your new dog?
What form of discipline will you use on your dog?
List every pet you currently own or have owned as an adult. Please be specific with type/breed, name, age, was the pet altered (S/N), how long did you have pet, what happened to pet (be specific, ie. hit by car, still have, ect.)
Are your current pets spayed and/or neutered?: Yes No Not Applicable

If no, please explain:
Do you breed animals: Yes No

Please Explain:
Second Chance Dobes is located in Clinton, Michigan and requires every adopter to visit our facility to meet each dog as well as our program facilitator prior to adopting. Are you willing and able to make the trip to Second Chance Dobes for your adoption? (Please note that Second Chance Dobes does NOT ship dogs to their new homes, under any circumstance!)

Yes No
On rare occassions an adoption situation does not work out for an adopted dog and its family. By adopting a dog through Second Chance Dobes you are obligated contractually to return the dog you adopt to SCD should this happen.
Do you understand and agree to this policy?: Yes No | Explanation:

Where did you hear about Second Chance Dobes?
Any additional information you would like us to know about you and your family?
Please understand that we want the dogs and puppies in our care to go to the best of homes. We want these to be forever homes for them. We reserve the right to deny adoption of a particular dog if we feel that particular pet is not suited to your family, but will suggest another dog we feel would be more suited to your situation. You are under no obligation to adopt the dog of our choosing, but we will make suggestions and denials that are in the best interest of both the adopter and the dog/puppy in question. We hope you understand that we love these pups/dogs and want only the right placement for them. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

All dogs are available for adoption on a first come first serve basis to APPROVED ADOPTERS ONLY. We can not hold dogs for anyone, regardless of the pet you are applying for, nor do we have the resources to keep every potential adopter informed as to whether or not the dog(s) they are applying for have been adopted. We are solely run by volunteers who donate their time to help screen applicants and who are familiar with the dogs available for adoption. It is the duty of every applicant to be open to the adoption process and to accept that every dog may potentially be adopted by another approved family prior to your visit--no adopter is guaranteed that the specific dog they are applying for will be available at the time of adoption. When a potential adopter is granted approval to adopt, it does not mean they will necessarily receive the specific dog they are applying for, only that they are approved to adopt a dog that fits within their family, should one be available. Each dog being adopted must fit within the criteria required for them to be a match in the home they are going to. It is our duty, to the best of our ability, to make sure that each dog goes to its forever home, which means the dog and the family must compliment each other.

Second Chance Dobes reserves the right to change these adoption requirements at any time, with or without notice. Every applicant is hereby bound by these requirements, and any addendum and revision set here forth, upon their application submission.
Do NOT submit your application unless you have filled out all required fields (everything in red) or your answers will be deleted! If you own your home, be sure to enter NONE for landlord name and phone number!

If you are having problems submitting your application,
please e-mail admin@secondchancedobes.com.