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Create a so called "chain letter" requesting donations

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Posted 23 January 2008 - 05:53 PM

Below is an e-mail that I sent out to the people I usually send jokes to at work and family/friends that I communicate with through e-mail. I personalized it and tried to make it a bit fun so that people would actually read it rather then pass it off as spam. I have sent out a joke and received the original email I sent out weeks later after it ran through an array of people and several companies!!! Everyone knows someone... Maybe take my example and tweak it to your personality and try sending out to people you know at work and so on! As a result of my one simple email I received many blankets, toys, and a few hundred dollars in donations... in the first day!!!

Hello all!!!

I thought while I am on medical leave with my surgery I would do some thing good with my life instead of wasting it away watching soaps and movies :sorcerer: This is a one time e-mail! Don't start thinking I am all doped up on pain meds and going to harass you weekly. One time only, I promise!!!

In all seriousness I am asking for HELP because I am a total sucker for animals. Rather then begging you to donate money during the rough economy so I figure everyone has crap around the house they never use or would love to get off their hands at the next garage sale or just throw away all together... Hence this e-mail! btw...money donations are excepted also and would go to vet care but those donations would be made to the rescues name, not mine. Contact me for the rescues website and ways to donate $.

Suggested/Requested Items:
Old pillows from your couch that don't match, bed, children's bed (like the the icky fav. that needs to be burned it's so yucky)
Ugly sheets or mattress pads in your linen closet you never use but for some reason still have
Comforters/ Blankets your kids grew out of or you have extra or are tattered/torn and no need for
Old drapes/Curtains or anything with enough fabric that I/they could make into a dog bed
Small Mattresses off futon or crib, Giant stuffed animals or something that has stuffing I/they can use to make dog beds
Quilts, old bath robes, anything large enough to be able to cover the bottom of a cage
Tupperware or metal bowls are also needed for feeding and giving water

We can not forget the need to PLAY PLAY PLAY!!! :whistling:

Tennis balls that lost their bounce
Soccer balls that are retired
Baseballs tattered and torn and tossed aside
Basketballs that don't hold air anymore

Obviously anything you can think of or have laying around, even things like extra fencing or an old dog cage you used for training but sits in your garage... anything is more then appreciated!!!

I know a lady who has a dog rescue at her home where she houses an estimated 30 + dogs. It is where I got my dog from and they are in desperate need of supplies and have been for a long time!!! As are many other organizations I donate to.

Note: When I got my current dog (Duke - pics attached cause he is awesome) from there he had sores on his elbows, hips, and the bottoms of feet from being in a cage with no bedding. The dogs spend a lot of their time in the cage until adopted... IF they are adopted. The woman's heart is in the right place but caring for one healthy dog costs several hundred dollars. Imagine the cost of many more and some or most having health issues. Unlike the humane society these dogs average a stay of 6 months and most of them years. So, I figured the above items are great things that people can donate and wont brake the bank over.

If you have any of these items and would like to donate them please let me know and I will figure out a way to get them from you or you're welcome to send to the rescue facility yourself!!! The ASPCA is also a great organization to donate to. Just a thought...

This is really serious to me and means a lot!!! Probably the only thing that Heather Rowe is serious about is helping animals. So, please let me know if you are able to give anything. If you can not I totally understand and would appreciate if you could spread the word at least. Turn this into one of those chain letter type emails everyone and their brother gets and ends up getting 10 times over again, lol.

Love you all and thanks for listening!!!


Heather A. Rowe

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